Welfare Queen of 15 Children DEMANDS Money — Judge Gives Her a BRUTAL Response!

A Florida woman became notorious after making outrageous claims. Her name is Angel Yulee Adams, a mother of 15 children from 3 different fathers. Adams appeared on the news claiming that “Somebody,” needs to take responsibility and financially support all of her children.

Well guess who paid? The American Tax payer, WE, paid for her 15 kids! State services gave Adams a free home, furniture, clothing, and food for herself, and her 15 kids. Adams has recently given birth to another child bringing the count up to 16. She has cost local agencies and taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Adams was scolded by Hillsborough Circuit Judge Tracy Sheehan. The honorable Judge blasted Adams for being ungrateful for all that the State has done for her.

“A lot of people have gone way extra miles for you,” Sheehan said. “Do you understand that?”

Angel Adams only responded with a, “No comment, Your Honor,” while looking away from the judge. Sheehan then said,

“Reach out your hand to these people instead of looking a gift horse in the mouth and asking for more, more, more.”, the Judge scolded.

Adams has become a poster child example as to why the Welfare System does not work to help anyone get out of poverty. This system is a drain on our tax dollars and pollutes our society with people that are too lazy to work and just sit around collecting from the government. Do you agree that it is time to take money out of Welfare and put it where it BELONGS in SOCIAL SECURITY? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.