WATCH – Terrorist Leader’s Son Exposes THIS About Obama’s Link To Islamic Terror

The Obama Administration is the handcuffs that bin the American people to the “political correctness” and who refuse to acknowledge that Islam is a culture of oppression and death.

The ignorant declarations from both sides are ignored while Islamic fascism is nurtured. One of the founders of Hamas’ (a Sunni terrorist organization) sons has acknowledge that Obama’s rhetoric is dangerous.

CNS News reports that Mosab Hassan Yousef, a now Christian defector from Hamas that helped the Israelis, said when President Obama claims “Islam is a religion of peace,” he sets the “perfect climate to create more terrorism.”

Yousef’s father, Sheikh Hasan Yousef, is one of this terror groups most popular leader. Mosab worked for his father for years, participating in terrorism against Israel until he defected.

“When the president of the free world stands and says that Islam is a religion of peace, he creates the climate, he provides the climate, the perfect climate to create more terrorism,” he said. “The alternative for Israel and for democracy or for the American Constitution…. It’s darkness of the sixth century. This is what’s the alternative.”

He spoke without bars of the core problem with Islam, that it is a religion of conquest oriented by the order of its dogma. And their conquests today are carried out through violence.

“There is an Islamic problem,” Yosef stated, “Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic jihad, ISIS, Boko Haram, all of them are killing by the name of Allah. They’re not killing by the name of Jesus, they’re not killing by the name of Jehovah, they’re not killing by the name of Mahavira or the Buddha or Lao Tsu. They are killing by the name of Allah.”

And he pointed to the fact that this did not just affect Israel, “This is an Islamic problem, and I think humanity needs to stand against this danger because this danger is not only against the state of Israel- this danger is against the evolvement of mankind.”

Yousef explained that the problem was not with the individual, but the whole belief system. He compared the radicalism to that of Nazis during World War II, and that it wasn’t too late to slow the storm.

After being imprisoned by the Israeli Security Agency Shin Bet in 1996, he became an Israeli agent. He aided in the prevention of suicide bombings, assassinations, as well as other attacks against Israelis. Yousef converted to Christianity and was baptized covertly in Tel Aviv in 2005.

“The collective mind of the [Islamic] society is representing something. It’s representing an ideology, a culture, a state of consciousness that calibrates in darkness; that calibrates in the seventh and sixth centuries.” Yousef said against his prior religion.

The shame Obama’s puts on the American people for not being politically correct is daunting to some, to say the least. But a former terrorist radical is saying that his old religion is the way we think it is, it is not a religion of peace and never has been! The blood spilled by Islamic radicals would be enough to paint the whole world red.