Trump Slams Disloyal GOP’s And Slams His Political Fist Down Paul Ryan’s Throat

For the first time in eight years, we are finally going to have a President in the White House who knows how to stick up for our country and achieve his goals. Throughout his two terms as president, we’ve seen Obama crumble under pressure and weaken America’s international standing.

In contrast, Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear that he is tired of resistance from establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan and John McCain, who have been hesitant to embrace his agenda. He recently gave Ryan a piece of his mind to put in him his place.

According to reports, Trump called Democrat Senate Minority Leader Check Schumer to tell him he likes him more than Paul Ryan. One source claims Trump “said to Schumer he likes Schumer more than Ryan and McConnell because they both wanted him to lose. They are Republicans and Trump knows they didn’t support him.”

Of course, Schumer has not embraced Trump either. He recently said, “President-elect Trump is attempting to fill his rigged cabinet with nominees that would break key campaign promises and have made billions off the industries they’d be tasked with regulating.”

What do you think of Trump’s move?