SHOCK REVELATION: The 1 Medical Test Hillary REFUSES to Take, Despite Doctors’ Requests

Amid widespread interest in Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health, the former secretary of state gave further cause for concern on Wednesday with her dismissive attitude toward the need for a neurocognitive test.

In an interview with WFTS, an ABC affiliate in Tampa Bay, Florida, Clinton dodged a question on that issue from reporter Sarina Fazan, who otherwise appeared to be playing a girls’ softball game with the candidate.

“Some doctors have said, because of your age, as well as your opponent’s age, that you could be at higher risk for dementia or even Alzheimer’s and have suggested that you take some neurocognitive test,” Fazan said. “Would you be willing to do that?”


Clinton responded with a hearty laugh and a few words about her pneumonia, which didn’t really have anything to do with the question at all.

“I’m very sorry I got pneumonia,” she said. “I’m very glad that antibiotics took care of it. And that’s behind us now. I’ve met the standard that everybody running for president has met in terms of releasing information about my health.”

She really took that question and made it into an answer she wanted to address. Having gotten that message out there, she did take a moment to touch on the actual question at hand.


“There’s no need for that. The information is very clear. And the information, as I said, meets the standards that every other person running for president has ever had to meet, and I’m happy that we’ve met and even exceeded them in certain ways,” she said.

Exceeded? Get a load of this, starting at about the 3:00 mark:



And of course Clinton couldn’t stand to have an interview wherein she didn’t attack GOP nominee Donald Trump for, well, literally anything.