Holly Ray, principal of Bear Branch Elementary in Magnolia Texas has new rules this year and they are making parents and teachers furious!
Already well known to be an overbearing gestapo, Holly Ray removed the bike rack, and made the new rule at the beginning of the school year and reinforced it in March.

Only way you can get to and from school is in a car or bus! Parents stay in your car! Holly Ray demands!

UPDATE: I got an E-Mail response from Superintendent Todd Stephens, Phd:

Didn’t think you sounded like a native Texas… I am afraid your a victim of media hyperbole. “

THAT was it! Ad-Hominem and bad grammar? Really Todd?

He then referred me to his letter released yesterday, April 6th, where he lied and as well deferred to the ramifications as opposed to the real issue.

The big issue is his LIE about only 12 students withdrawing…Open Records caused MISD to release the number 67:

Superintendent Todd Stephens LIED!

Now back to the story! UPDATE OFF!

No more walking, even with a parent, and absolutely no bike riding! AND… Parents are not allowed to even walk on campus with their kids! The are demanded to stay in the car!

Furious yet? Time for mass calls and contact by outraged Americans:

Principal Holly Ray phone (281) 356-4771

Superintendent Dr. Todd Stephens (281) 356-3571

Federal Law Now Says Kids Can Walk To School Alone!!!!! Too bad for Holly Ray!

Not only is she an overbearing gestapo who is trampling on parental rights, Holly Ray is BREAKING Federal Law! That is full reason for termination!

Let me explain, Holly Ray. In the Biblical illustration of slavery, YOU are the slave and the parents and the taxpayers are the masters. NOT the other way around.

Red Skelton explained it so easily in his Pledge off Allegiance.
“From the people to the leaders, not the leaders to the people!”
Parents say that not only are students leaving because of it, but teachers and staff are leaving the as well! Yet the District is standing behind her! INSANE!