IT’S OFFICIAL: Michelle Obama is DIVORCING Barack Obama!

We definitely realize that President Barack Obama is wanting to remain in Washington, D.C. long after his Presidency, however now it would appear that it won’t be with First Lady Michelle Obama in a similar house.

A stunner report brings up issues regarding why Obama and Michelle took isolate planes to Los Angeles as of late to tape astonish appearances on network shows.

Obviously, they are holding up until 2017 to authoritatively separate. Truth be told, they officially viewed themselves as to be isolated, and are imagining for political reasons:

In the event that you read any of the news reports when they were on their Christmas get-away in Hawaii, did you ever observe them together? Indeed, even at photograph operations Michelle Obama was once in a while observed with Hussein. On the off chance that they were in such love with each other, she would be wherever he was.

Obviously, who could overlook Michelle Obama’s furious face in South Africa at Mandela’s burial service when Hussein was kissing up to Denmark Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Obama and Schmidt might be an ideal couple as both are communists.

The deliberately created family picture of the Obama family must be kept set up until the two leave office in 2017. Valerie Jarrett will never let the picture errode as long as she is in the interest of personal entertainment with the Obama family.

You can Google all you need about the Obama approaching separation in 2017. There are a wide range of articles about how the two battle, shout at each other, and simply would prefer not to be seen with each other. The different plane treks are recently the most recent in the Obama adventure.

Obama’s picture has been deliberately made since even before his ghostwritten collections of memoirs. Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod have warily secured this picture, which is the reason a separation isn’t permitted to happen while Obama stays in the White House. In any case, it shows up their marriage is rapidly dissolving, and we will all know reality soon