News Now: Trump Just Revealed Obama’s Shadow Government Leakers

One of the things that stopped President Trump from confronting the endless machinations of Washington’s “shadow government.” These deep state operatives have created leaks in order to halt the president’s momentum at every turn.

Nevertheless, things may be ready to change. Trump’s administration has at last gotten control over the access to confidential information. Meaning that less deep state moles will have the opportunity to get their hands on leakable information, according to Breitbart.

In America’s NSA’s , a new “culture of fear” has been cultivated by the Trump administration for the purpose of isolating suspected leakers.

After a couple of months, these leakers are now paralyzed by fear of getting caught by President Trump, according to Politico.

National security officials are concerned that their emails are being followed, their reports are being assessed various times by various agencies, and their list of acquaintances and friends are being inspected.

It is possible that a lot of government workers perceive such strategies as “fascism,” and still they choose to falsify news and make an attempt to make President Trump look like a fraud.

It is also probable that President Trump’s altered attack of internal leaks is aimed straight at undertaking Obama’s “shadow government” in Washington.

Ever since vacating the Oval Office, Obama has continued to be a fixture at Democrat fundraisers and has kept communicating with Democratic donors and political activists.

His “shadow government” likely includes a couple of government officials in the intelligence and law enforcement community whose jobs consist of two things: 1) undermine the “America First” strategy, and 2) cover-up all humiliating proof of malpractice and corruption made by Obama’s team, according to The Hill.

Things seem to be looking more positive, however the deep state has shown its power in the past. No time is left to rest on laurels.